About Us

Welcome to Janelaine Boutique! 

For years I had talked about my dream of owning my own boutique; it was in my 10-year plan. In May 2017, I did a little research and decided to bring the topic of starting an online boutique up to my husband, Beau. Through text, I explained I had been researching and thought it was the perfect time to open up my dream business. I got the "we will discuss this later" text sent back to me. That night, and the next several days, I convinced Beau to agree, at the very least, to researching a little more about owning my own business. At the time, I was working, as an unpaid intern, toward a Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I figured if there was any time to try to make some extra money, it was now! After three months of proving I was ready for this adventure, Beau jumped on board! 

Family has and always will be my top priority. I come from a large and very close family and knew naming the boutique after family members was important. Beau and I didn't have any children yet to name it after and although our dogs are like our children, I didn't feel it was appropriate to name a boutique after them, so I began brainstorming. I have had the privilege of knowing several of my grandparents, great-grandparents, a great-great-grandpa, and great-great aunts and uncles, all who I was close with. To this day, I have two great-grandmas (and a great-grandpa) still living: Jane and Elaine. Both Jane and Elaine are beautiful women, inside and out, and have set great examples of strong women! The name Janelaine is pronounced Jane-Elaine, in case you were unsure!

I manage Janelaine Boutique out of my house, located in Mendota, Illinois. My new 10-year plan is to one day have an actual store front! I am more than excited to start my own business and grateful for a husband who allows me to "live the dream"! 

If you have any questions or comments, please email janelaineboutique@gmail.com

With love-

Abby Fancher